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You could always just pay as you go though if it is easier on the budget.

Don’t limit this little gift idea for just your spouse though – it is a great gift for the kids and can help cut down on all of that toy clutter!

Central Desktop is a B2B software company with a cloud-based collaboration and project management platform. What campaigns have they run in the past that you liked? As you’re considering your campaign concepts, think about making emotional connections with your audience, instead of making promises or filling your campaigns with product/service information or features/benefits. Feel free to create a free preview account to give it a try.

The Breakup campaign highlights a few interesting points: This example shows that creativity, a long-time staple of B2C marketers, can be effective in B2B. Also think about other industries, even B2C if you’re B2B and vice versa.

Just remember to actually write the dates on your calendar so you don’t forget to actually do them!

And if you don’t have enough time to put one together for Christmas, you can always save it for a Valentine’s Day Gift Idea!

Paint over it when you decide to paint your house for real. Make a collection of fun family activities together and put the ideas on folded pieces of paper or on write them on popcicle sticks for the next time your kids are bored and in desperate need of adventure. Ours had an intimate theme and came with massage cream, a candle, a game, and some treats.

If you aren’t planning on painting soon, cover your wall with butcher paper and do a wall mural with finger paints! Find a good Zumba workout routine on youtube and do it together. Write to your favorite companies about how much you love their products and see which ones send you free stuff in the mail. Have a themed night and dress up as your favorite character. My husband and I have had fun making these for different family members. Come up with a list of unique questions that you have always wondered the answer to (“Why are pizza boxes square instead of round? This is also referred to as a “boredom jar” see link for lots of fun ideas. I do wish it was a little bit cheaper, but it’s such a great idea for a subscription box!

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You could also leave a few “mystery months” in there and plan something extra special too!

The days of boring feature/benefit messages are over; B2B marketers are now leveraging the same types of creative ideas as consumer-oriented marketers in their campaigns.

For an example of how a B2B company used a creative B2C campaign theme, take a look at the case study for Central Desktop’s “The Breakup” campaign, courtesy of Marketing Sherpa. If you’ve been running the same old tired campaigns for years, your market might appreciate a fresh approach. If you’d like additional help, we have a guided, interactive marketing campaign planning template in our marketing planning and management app.

Once the timer rings, you hurry and start something else. Plan it together and decide how to make it most special. If Halloween is coming up, plan what your costumes are going to be so you don’t end up choosing something lame because it is last minute and you have no other ideas. If Christmas is coming up, plan out the 12 days of Christmas for a neighbor or friend. Tape light sticks to your clothes, turn off the lights and have a dance party together while laughing at each of your “skeleton” moves. Whoever wins the most rounds of all the games combined wins. Drop raw eggs from your deck or roof and see who can make the best protective covering or parachute for their egg, resulting in no cracked shell! Most days I'm just looking for another excuse to avoid the piles of laundry.

The Spontaneous Fun Things to Do Idea Lists have over 1200 Fun Things to do - So have a look around, whether you are bored to death or need some fun things to do for kids, family, friends, dating ideas and a lot more...

The activities can be as extravagant or as low key as you would like.

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