Philippine dating scam

27-Jan-2018 22:56

“Frankly, these are the same things that 20-somethings are considering, but 50-somethings haven’t been read the riot act. The problem with the digital age is that you have fake friends/romances.Know that these scams are out there,” said Saltz, who is a former relationship expert for Our, the 50 and over singles site. Unless you’re spending significant time with this person in real life, it’s not real.” Out of the 50-and-over demographic, women tend to be more targeted by online dating scammers.and they can’t help but laugh for they know I am one of the many who has been ‘fooled’.The thing is, it is not always that you have a ‘voice’ to save you.First, I shall insert a little disclaimer here-I have nothing personal against gays or homosexuals or those with different sexual preference- That being said, let’s go back to the whole point of this post – dating Filipina WOMEN.The Philippines is an amazing place with amazing people and beautiful people (both men and women).“People who are trying to commit fraud on people will go for women who are really looking to settle down, and have more empathy, so sometimes women will ignore red flags, whereas men at the age are wearier.” Bermudo offered ways to protect one’s heart and wallet.“When you’re in your 50s, you’re not as aware as the scams that are going on. They’ll match you and then there’s an emergency -- they’ll ask for money.

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Believe it or not, they can even be more beautiful than the ladies!If anyone asks you to wire money in the first few weeks of knowing you, cut off communication.If someone asks you where you live, where you work, don’t give away that information readily.Ok, now that you seriously doubt my facts here, I’ll share a little insight how you can make sure that you date ‘real’ Filipina women.

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One of the things to remember is this: an average Filipina isn’t tall with great posture and body. So if some chick passes you by and strikes you as being ‘unusually tall’ or something like that-time for you to double check. Filipina working women may wear make-up but only because they are required to. Every day for about a month, they would talk for hours on the phone, constantly exchanging emails and photos.

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