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Christianity and Islam both teach that Satan originated as an angel, or something of the like, who used to possess great piety and beauty, but fell because of hubris, seducing humanity into the ways of falsehood and sin, and has power in the fallen world.

Satan has appeared frequently in Christian literature, most notably in Dante Alighieri's Inferno, in variants of the Faust legend, and in the poems of John Milton and William Blake.

This in turn was borrowed from Greek diabolos "slanderer", from diaballein "to slander": dia- "across, through" ballein "to hurl".

Beelzebub, meaning "Lord of Flies", is the contemptuous name given in the Hebrew Bible and New Testament to a Philistine god whose original name has been reconstructed as most probably "Ba'al Zabul", meaning "Baal the Prince".

Hasan of Basra, an eminent Muslim theologian who lived in the seventh century AD, was quoted as saying: "Iblis was not an angel even for the time of an eye wink.

A figure known as "the satan" first appears in the Tanakh as a heavenly accuser or prosecutor, a member of the sons of God subordinate to Yahweh, who acts as a "Lying Spirit" in mouths of King Ahab's prophets, slaughters 170,000 people as punishment for David's census, tests Job's loyalty to Yahweh by inflicting woes against him, and appears in a vision to Zechariah as the prosecutor against the nation of Judah.When he was expelled from Paradise, Satan blamed humanity for his punishment.

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